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un_requitedai's Journal

Jung, Yunho
6 February
J U N G, Y U N H O

Muse's Band: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Muse’s SN: unrequitedai AIM Online Status Indicator
Year Level: Year 6
Wand Type: Rowan, dragon heartstring, 13''
House: Gryffindor
Room: 3
Desired Activities/Clubs: Quidditch(Chaser), Duelling club. (Maybe others later)

About: Takes the lead in most situations, and likes to be helpful to others, but sometimes has a mischievous streak he finds hard to curb. Yunho has a very ambitious side, wanting to excel in everything he does, and because of it, he might neglect other things (he might say he doesn't care for studying, but he really does). Even so, it's his big heart and sense of justice that ultimately determines his character.

The Mun: You can contact me through AIM, most of time. If you just want to RP, then Yunho will be glad to. Either way, he'll come find you sooner or later. Any questions about Renatus Veritas can be directed to me, and I will be glad to answer them. :]

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